We are a souvenir shop.
We are ZALO.

Zalo means “step” in the local dialect. We love seeing ourselves as a step into people’s homes -sometimes really far away from our own home, the island of Crete. Because, what is travelling at the end of the day? Leaving your footprint on the place you visit. Making a big, great step into the culture, the lifestyle, the landscapes, the people you meet. And maybe take back with you a piece of what you experienced; something from Greece. Something unique, designed and made with care.

ZALO loves design and especially when it comes from small brands. From people we met and became our friends. Ethically-made, eco friendly, fair trade and cool things find a home in our space.

We also make. We, ourselves, design and create things, exploring our imagination and experimenting with materials.

We are a small bridge. Connecting people, exchanging thoughts and habits. Our mission is to enhance Crete’s cultural diversity, all around this great world. And why not, universe?

We are Manos and Stelios and we would love to see/show you around.

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