Mountain | Healing, Organic Herbal Tea Blend


If you ever find yourself in a Greek village and you complain about a headache or a stomach ache or insomnia -or anything really- a granny will appear, offering you a mountain tea tisane: “It’s medicine. Drink it and you will be fine!”. In Greece we strongly believe that mountain tea has great healing properties. There have been references by ancient Greek historians where the tea’s therapeutic properties are claimed. 

Once it’s over, follow the instructions included and grow a small ecosystem by planting the seeds that come with it! Reusable, biodegradable, and full of love.

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  • Ingredients: Greek mountain tea blend [Sideritis scardica*, Sideritis raeseri*, Sideritis syriaca*] *Product of organic farming
  • 20g | Serves 20 cups 
  • Whole leaf loose 
  • 100% natural product. | No added flavors, colors, sweeteners.
  • Naturally caffeine-free & uplifting
  • Ethically harvested, processed, and packed by hand
  • Compostable packaging and inner bag
  • Rhoeco is a team of young herb lovers who preserve the Greek natural heritage while promoting well-being

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