Winged Nike of Samothrace Statue | Medium


Keep this beautiful, detailed Nike somewhere to look at and empower you daily. The winged victory of Samothrace is an amazing and popular statue of Nike (the Greek goddess of victory). It was created around the 2nd century BC and has been living in the Louvre for years. The statue’s head has never been found, but it is considered one of the biggest masterpieces of the Hellenistic period.  Plato’s quote: “The good is the beautiful” is written on the base of this ceramine, winged Nike statue created by the design brand Sophia.

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  • Dimensions: H: 23cm x L: 11cm x W: 11cm 
  • Color: Midnight Blue
  • Made of ceramine: a non-toxic and environmentally friendly mixture of earthy and marble powders that imitates the ancient Greek recipe
  • Sophia is a group of makers that “Enjoy Thinking”. They mould by hand and create products inspired by ancient Greek history
  • Designed and made in Greece

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